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Imagine WV Conf. 2Imagine West Virginia is a nonprofit that was established in 2006 from efforts undertaken by members of Vision Shared.  It is designed to provide state leadership and policymakers with concrete, data-driven policy recommendations developed in a setting independent of political bias, preconceived agendas or other pre-determined conditions. Imagine’s founders believed that some of the most pressing issues in future decades will need to be strategically-managed at the state level, and they felt that one of the best ways to support such efforts was to create an research entity that could better inform the public about what’s at stake in policy debates and help to make government more effective and responsive to policy needs.  Working with an incredible Vision Shared volunteer network, Imagine West Virginia supports a host of efforts that serve to bring its ideas to fruition.  

Imagine WV Conf. 1The work of Imagine is fueled by envisioning, or “imaging”, the possibilities for West Virginia. It is an exciting time for our state, yet there is no shortage of challenges that we must tackle as we face the future. As Imagine sets its agenda, no issue is deemed too sacred, political or complex for study, and there is no predetermined result or expectation that guides our research. At a minimum, Imagine believes in the importance of generating honest research that can serve to educate West Virginians about policy issues that can have a transformative impact on the state both now and for generations to come.

We hope that you share our vision as we initiate our annual campaigns. Your interest, support and voice are critical to our success. Let’s get busy, and let’s work together to realize a better, brighter future for West Virginia.

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Rick Remish
Executive Director