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Criteria for Topic Selection

Imagine West Virginia is an independent policy research organization. Its role is to advocate sound, data-based policy from a non-partisan, apolitical perspective. It is not an economic development entity. Accordingly, the selection of a research topic by the organization must answer the following questions: 

  1. Would the policy recommendation be bold and transformative of the lives of West Virginians?

  2. Can Imagine West Virginia effectively research and develop a best answer?  Is the position/answer original?    

  3. Is the issue politically difficult, and therefore one where Imagine West Virginia’s unique “above politics” perspective can be critical to achieving necessary progress?

  4. Is there any West Virginia uniqueness to the topic that lends itself to Imagine West Virginia undertaking the effort?

  5. Can the topic/initiative scope be easily managed in a reasonable timeframe for success?

  6. What is the recent history (who, what, where, what, success, failure, lessons learned, etc.) of the topic/initiative in West Virginia?  Elsewhere? What does this tell us about considering it for an Imagine West Virginia effort?

  7. If an Imagine West Virginia declaration is to be a catalyst, who will be the (re)active agent to champion the answer/recommendation into reality?

  8. Can success on the topic be measured? Is there an easily identified baseline for each recommendation by which we can measure success?  

  9. Is there any evidence that the topic may be soon studied/addressed by others that would suggest Imagine West Virginia not undertake the effort?

  10. It there a ‘horizon’ timeline that may prohibit reaching a successful outcome before external forces change the landscape.”