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message from chair

Joesph LopezOn behalf of the Board of Governors, thank you for visiting our website! 

As a proud native son of our wonderful state, it’s my privilege to welcome you. As Chair, it’s an honor to join so many distinguished West Virginians who are interested in being a part of something much grander than themselves. Let me share some details about our unique organization.    
Imagine West Virginia is a research-driven, results-based policy division of Vision Shared.  Our mission is simple – we want to improve the quality of life for every West Virginian, both now and for generations to come. We especially want to lend support to those who lack a strong voice in the political and legislative process. We fulfill our mission through creativity and conviction, with an underlying belief that strategic reflection, analysis and advocacy around certain policy issues can help make our state a better place for everyone. Through our efforts, we seek to educate the public, the media, policymakers and decision-makers at every level about some of the most serious problems facing West Virginia, and we do this by developing and championing effective, comprehensive, sustainable solutions to those problems.

Our approach is direct – we perform high-quality, objective research and publish sound, nonpartisan, independent analysis on a full range of public policy issues.  We’re open to tackling any issue if we reach a consensus that we can have an impact on advancing the topic responsibly, but we only promote a single campaign each year. And we do not subscribe to any particular ideology. In fact, we are unique because we embrace all schools of thought, science and research as we deliberate an issue. Consistent with our nonpartisan approach, our board is comprised of a brain trust of Democrats and Republicans. Each are accomplished statesmen and stateswomen in their own right, yet collectively, we have no agenda other than to help chart the brightest future for West Virginia.

We hope that you’ll find Imagine West Virginia’s work stimulating, thought-provoking and full of promise. We also hope that our website is a useful resource for you as we communicate information on public policy issues facing West Virginia. We’re all individuals who love our state and embrace the importance of citizen involvement in public life. I hope that we can work together to “imagine” and realize the best potential for West Virginia.